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What are circular business models, and how can you use them to your advantage?

Circular business models can create more value for your business and a better experience for your customers. The idea is that you keep your products in use for as long as possible, either by giving them a longer life by either ensuring they have multiple users, or by hiring, leasing, and sharing.

Furniture retail giant IKEA has implemented a circular business model by launching a buy-back and re-sale scheme to reduce the number of products going to landfill. The company is offering customers vouchers to spend in-store in return for their unwanted furniture, creating value for the company whilst also reducing waste.

Adidas have also taken advantage of the circular economy by creating a rental service, allowing customers to borrow their products at a fraction of the price of purchasing them.

Together, with fellow Oxfordshire Greentech members QSA Partners, we’ll explore recent examples and take you through the first steps of implementing circular business models in your own business.

Date and time:
Wednesday 16 June
10:00 - 12:00

Topics include:

  • Why are circular business models important?

  • What is a circular business model? How they work & some examples

  • How can my business create a circular business model? The steps and main factors in the process

  • Practical exercise in getting started: Identifying new values

Please note that attendance is limited to representatives from retail and manufacturing businesses.
Tourism South East: How's Business?

Every three months, Tourism South East runs a 'How’s Business?' survey, inviting its members and other tourism business operators in the region to participate and feed in their views.

The purpose of this research is to understand business confidence within the tourism industry across South East England as an umbrella visitor destination.

To showcase their findings, Tourism South East has put together a handy infographic, exploring current factors and trends.

You can view the infographic on the Tourism South East website here.
Visit Britain announces new Domestic Support Fund for the events industry

Visit Britain's new fund will provide financial support to not-for-profit organisations hosting domestic business events from 21 June to 17 December 2021.

The new Domestic Support Fund is designed to offer financial support to kick start the return of business events and to showcase that the UK is ready to meet again and has adapted to new ways of meeting in a COVID-19 secure environment.

This support is available for events from 100 to 500 people, to a maximum value of £15,000 support.

Read the eligibility criteria here.
Apply for up to £2,000 for projects benefiting the environment

The DPD Eco Fund is funded by the company's circular economy initiative to protect the environment. Plastic shrink wrap and wooden pallets used in depots are broken down and recycled, ready to be reused. The money generated goes straight into the 'Eco Fund'.

Anyone can apply for funding from the DPD Eco Fund, including community groups, educational facilities and start-up companies, with all applications needing to be of a green, ecological or sustainability nature, with the project benefiting the environment.

Find out how to apply on DPD's website.

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