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Join thousands of UK businesses tackling climate change

Businesses of all sizes around the UK are committing to do their bit to cut carbon emissions and protect the planet. The UK government has partnered with business owners and respected climate groups to help you join them today.

No matter how small your business or what industry you’re in, your commitment could make a real difference – to the planet, to your customers and to your running costs.

Even the smallest businesses produce carbon emissions – it could be through your building, your vehicles or your supply chain.

Find out how you can involved on our website.
Join a free Natural Netwalk in July

Netwalking is the new active alternative to traditional indoor business networking. The Natural Netwalks aim to get business owners, professionals and employees walking and talking together to create new connections.

And for the entire month of July, the walks are free of charge.

There are three types of Netwalk to choose from:

  • early morning
  • relaxed start morning
  • after work / early evening
There are relaxed opportunities to swap partners thoughout the walks, so that each member will be able to interact with all attendees.

Book your free Netwalk on the Natural Netwalks page.

Amazon announces
£2.5 million Apprenticeship Fund to help small businesses upskill their workforces

Amazon is launching a £2.5m Apprenticeship Fund as part of an ongoing commitment to support career opportunities and skills development across England. The Fund will help small businesses, creative industry partners and Amazon Web Services customers by funding more than 200 new apprenticeships.

By using the company’s Apprenticeship Levy to support small businesses selling on Amazon, Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers and smaller creative industry partners, these organisations will be able to upskill their workforce by taking on their own dedicated apprentices.

Read all about the new fund here.

Find out more by reading the Business and Innovation Strategy Action Plans 
on our SVBS website.

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