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January 2022 Newsletter

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A217 Roadworks; Sight for Surrey; 2022/23 Precept Set; War Memorial turns 100; Horley Food Club; Extreme Fun return to Court Lodge;  Mayoral Events; Meals at Regent House; Fraud Alert Tips; New Town Planters; Catalytic Converter Thefts; MP Newsletter; and finally upcoming meeting dates
Horley Town Council - Precept for 2022/23

Horley Town Council's Precept for 2022/23 was approved at the Full Council Meeting held on 14 December 2021 and the Chairman of the Finance & General Purposes Committee gave the following commentary:

On behalf of Horley Town Council, I would like to announce that the Precept for 2022/2023 has been set at a total net figure of £464,794. This means that the Town element of Council Tax will be an average annual amount of £43.17 per household, representing an annual increase of £1.66 per Band D property (+ 4%). This figure is below last year’s Surrey average of £47.81 for Town and Parish Councils and well below the National Average figure which last year was £71.86.
A217 Westvale to Hookwood Roadworks

Start date: Monday 10 January 2022
Duration: For up to 7 months

Temporary traffic lights & lane closures

For more info go to the our website
Question: Do you know what a catalytic converter is and why they are so commonly stolen?

Answer: This metal device sits under your car close to the engine. It filters out harmful gases from your exhaust and contains valuable metals like platinum and rhodium. It’s difficult to secure catalytic converters, which makes them an easy and valuable target for thieves.

Catalytic converter thefts have been reported all over the county, with areas such as Staines, Merstham and Horley being hit particularly hard. Now we need your help to catch the thieves in the act.

Spot the signs:
👁️ Seen - someone lying under a car?
👂 Heard - the sound of metal being cut?
✋ Do not approach – thieves are known to use violence when challenged

If you see something that you think might be catalytic converter theft, call 999 and give us as many details as you can so we have the best chance of catching thieves in the act.
Sight for Surrey 100th BIRTHDAY

In 2022 Sight for Surrey celebrates a staggering 100 years of supporting blind, vision impaired and deafblind people in Surrey, and more recently deaf and hard of hearing people, and we would love to hear any stories or receive photographs from Surrey residents that have been supported by us over the years.

Do you have a connection with Sight for Surrey? Do you know someone who might have been supported by us many years ago? Do you want to tell us your story? For more click on the link below

War Memorial turns 100

The War Memorial was dedicated on 25 February 1922

In Horley in January 1922 something approaching panic must have been engulfing the War Memorial Committee. After a frantic year of fund raising they were still short of funds to settle the final bill for the construction of Horley War Memorial and the monumental masons, Ebbutts of Croydon, had sharply rejected their request for a reduction of their final invoice. Furthermore, they had been unsuccessful in their attempts to engage a prominent figure to officiate at the unveiling ceremony planned for 25th February.  Brigadier General G K Cockerill CB, MP finally accepted their invitation on 28th January whilst a late, anonymous donation resolved their concerns regarding funding.

Thanks to Doug Cox of the Horley History Society for this info
Horley Food Club Marks its first year

In its first year 106 Horley people joined  the Food Club, that resulted in 1,333 unique visits to our Food Club and have been able to provide food to 3,330 people, and on a rough calculation prevented almost 18,000kg of food going to waste.  We have the support of Fareshare and locally the Co-op at Brighton Road and Morrisons in Reigate.

We have also been able to provide support from the Money Support team at RBBC, SES water, CAB, Raven Housing Trust and Surrey Coalition Trust who have been able to give members additional support.
Regent House Meals

Have you thought about joining us for lunch? Our meals are cooked fresh daily by our wonderful chef Des. Offering a range of diverse meals Monday to Friday served at 12:00pm
For more information contact the centre on 01293 774770, cost is only £6

Follow us on Facebook! Search for Regent House Horley
Town Planters
You may have noticed some new planters around the town. These have been provided as part of 'The Welcome Back Fund' from The Government, EU and RBBC
Action Fraud alert logo
Keeping Passwords Safe

1: Creating memorable passwords - A good way to create strong, memorable passwords is by using 3 random words with a number. e.g.  “RedPantsTree4!”

2: Saving passwords in your browser - means letting your web browser (such as Chrome, Safari or Edge) remember your password for you.

This can help: 
- make sure you do not lose or forget your passwords
 -protect you against some cyber crime, such as fake websites
 -It is safer than using weak passwords, or using the same password in more than one place.

3: Email account passwords

If a hacker gets into your email account, they could reset your other online account passwords and/or access personal information you have saved about yourself or your business.

Your email password should be strong and different to all your other passwords. This will make it harder to crack or guess..

To see some of the most hacked passwords click here

Turn on Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a way of strengthening the login security of your online accounts. It's similar to how an ATM works. You need both your debit card (first factor) and your PIN (second factor) to get access your account and withdraw cash. The main objective is better security. If your card is stolen, they still need your PIN. If your PIN is stolen, they still need your card.

Enabling 2FA will help to stop hackers from getting into your accounts, even if they have your password.

For help setting this up click here
Photo left:
Horley Deputy Mayor Cllr David Powell attending the Reigate & Banstead Mayor's Charity Screening of the Nutcracker with Reigate & Banstead Mayor Cllr Jill Bray
Photo Bottom:
Launch of the Coach Training Centre at Horley Lawn Tennis Club with Horley Mayor Cllr Samantha Marshall
Claire Coutinho MP Newsletter January 2021

Click here to go to our news page to read it 
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