ESU1 Smarthub: compatible with all of your ambient air quality monitors, from only £999 per annum.

Data from your air quality monitor, be it Thermo, Monitor labs, API, BAM 1020, FIDAS or any other, is automatically collected and sent to our DMS Site Manager app in real-time for instant viewing.

The data is displayed on your website and is automatically sent to ESU1's data suite so that regulatory compliant reports can be expertly generated and instruments interrogated for diagnostic information.

Unique features:

  • Instant data
  • Web hosted diagnostic tools
  • Quick & easy migration of historic data
  • Technical ratification instantly
  • Auto-flag diagnostics to AVOID breakdown
As well as supplying industry leading service and maintenance contracts, ESU1 now offers a total monitoring solution to all of its clients with the additional data package. Managing director Chris Clooney explains further:

"Data management was always on the horizon given ESU1 staff's background in delivering this expertise to regulatory standards in past employments, but as with everything we endeavour to do at ESU1, the timing had to be just right. As a company that continues to grow organically we always need to be 100% confident that we can deliver what we promise and after extensive development and partnership cultivation with machine to machine software pioneers Data Monitoring Systems Ltd we are launching a tried, tested and most importantly technically sound product which I am personally very excited about"

Using the ESU1 smarthub, clients will have their data sent to ESU1's secure server instantly, where ratification experts can access it and apply calibration factors so that data can be prepared for reporting efficiently. Having a trained engineer studying the data as well as diagnostic auto-flags means that an ESU1 engineer can be dispatched ahead of time to AVOID call outs and the associated data loss as diagnostic trigger points are reached to alert to a potential breakdown so that it can be prevented. Chris continues:

"I've always maintained that prevention is the most important element to an intelligent service package. The fact that a breakdown occurs means that data is already being lost, no matter how quickly a service partner is able to attend. It also means that the engineer is playing catch up, reacting to a problem and having to investigate a root cause: which always requires time and more often than not a parts' order: every air quality instrument sends vital diagnostic information which warns of impending breakdown.
Until now, the industry has lacked the ability to combine ratification expertise with engineering expertise to enable the client to avoid data loss by accurately interpreting this readily available diagnostic information. I truly believe that the ESU1 smarthub as part of an ESU1 data management package will deliver what the industry has been waiting for: Guaranteed 98% data capture year after year."
Interested and want to find out more? Call ESU1 free on 0800 030 4970 or email "data" to with you name and instrument type and we'll get back to you.
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