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Summer fun, recycling done!
With summer here at last, and with more of us at home, recycling is becoming even more of a hot topic! We have received enquiries about the changes that the government has announced. If you haven't heard already, many organisations and councils are coming together over coming years to reduce plastic pollution, improve household & business recycling collections nationwide, AND aims to standardise packaging recycling symbols! 

Here are a few of your questions answered:
Funding success brings recycling to parks
'Why doesn't the council have recycling bins out and about?'
They do, but we admit not many. Over the summer Fenland District Council will be installing some new bins in some of our high use parks following a successful £24K grant application from WRAP to make improvements to litter collections in the environment. They thank you for your comments and suggestions.

We are very lucky to have the opportunity to recycle so many items at home where other councils cannot, and collecting litter has always been a priority in Fenland. We and the council are happy to support any local group or business that wishes to do more to recycle, just ask.
Help to playtest a game?
One of our student volunteers has made this recycling board game as part of an assignment, they have dedicated it to help children to learn more about recycling in a fun way. It is aimed at children 7+ years, but we are happy for adults to play too. 

We need your help to try it
. We will send you the instructions and game and we would like you to play it and send us what you think before we send it out to groups, schools and others. 

Reply to this email, with your name and address and we will send you the game and you can tell us how you got on. 

It's that simple!

To download other games and activities visit
Ceasing symbol mayhem 
Why are there so many recycling symbols? Can't it be done in a more simple way?

We share your frustrations, this particular symbol means check your local website or leaflet as you may or may not be able to recycle it, depending where you are in the country.

Some areas of the UK still do not recycle many items, luckily in Fenland we are fortunate to have recycling collections for :

  • Glass bottles and jars, including the lids
  • Plastic bottles, tubs and pots, including the lids
  • Cardboard
  • Paper, including envelopes with windows (Not tissues or shredded paper)
  • Metal packaging (tins, cans etc...), including the lids and tinfoil

They just need to be clean, loose and in the blue bin. Where they will be hand sifted, before machines sort the materials. See recycling in action here

Good news, there are changes coming with a standard system planned across the country.
Check locally symbol
A tyresome issue
My village has had loads of tyres been dumped on our verges, where can you recycle tyres?

Tyre recycling is specialised, garages will take them, to pass on when you buy a new tyre, and sometimes there is a small charge.

If you see and report fly-tipping to Fenland District Council they will investigate it for clues as to who fly tipped it, recover it and have it disposed of in the correct manner. In this case the tyres are sent for recycling. 

To report fly-tipping please note the exact location, what sort of rubbish it is and when it appeared; and if you saw the incident take place.
Upcycling old tyres is always a good option too
Shine a light
'Whilst litter picking I like to recycle as much as possible. I have come across cigarette lighters, can they be recycled?'

Not in the blue bin. If they are plastic and empty, put in the general waste (green bin) as they cannot be recycled. 

If you come across full lighters or anything hazardous on your litter picks do not attempt to clear it, the Fenland crews are happy to come out and deal with it. You can report it here

If you have lighters at home you wish to get rid of, that are full, take them to the household recycling centre, to be safely disposed off.

Metal lighters - you may wish to take to a local pawnbroker or auction and sell it, you may be surprised how much you can get for them, even broken.

Feel inspired to make a change?  Get in touch, we can help. We love to hear your recycling stories and see what you have been doing as part of your own war on waste. 

And remember, every action however big or small makes a difference!

Keep recycling, 

From your Getting It Sorted Volunteers