Give me a sign!
confusing packaging symbols
Volunteer Emma Chapman writes:

Some of the symbols out there can be a tad confusing. We think we know what they mean but are surprised to find out that they do not mean that at all! We are going to look at some of the symbols that seem obvious, but perhaps aren’t.

Let's start with the classics:
eco dot
The Green Dot (aka Eco Dot) - for a long time I thought this meant the packaging could be recycled. However, not necessarily recyclable!

European packaging use it, to signify that the producer has made a financial contribution towards the recovery and recycling of packaging. You find this symbol on crisp tubes, but apart from the lid, the tube is not currently recyclable in your blue bin!

When you see a product with this symbol, always check for other information on the product regarding recycling using the recycling wheel leaflet or .
Mobius Loop - This symbol is sometimes used for products made from recyclable material – and they are not always recyclable! 

😱#OMG this symbol is used everywhere to promote 'recycling' and it doesn't actually mean its recyclable! Often it is on items asking to be recycled and even at bring banks! 

I was as shocked as you when I found out too! Again, please check it.
mobius loop
material code
Looking very recyclable but may not be! These are the Material codes usually Plastic resin codes.  

Some can be recycled in the blue bin.

Again it is used to confuse and appear to have green credentials and may not be recyclable.

Check it!

Please check symbols.

Items such as carrier bags and many more - symbols say ‘recyclable’, but are not always recyclable in blue bins, although might be recycled at supermarkets or shops. 

I have a large collection of carrier bags, bread bags, toilet roll bags and any other plastic bags that can be recycled at supermarkets, waiting to go.

Then when my collection is big enough, the next time I’m doing my weekly shop, I can just take them with me, all at the same time. No extra effort required.
take back to the shop symbol
new recycling symbols - the swoosh
Don't Panic!

Changes are happening and more and more companies are using the UK symbols as new guidance will soon dictate to companies, they have to make it easier for us - the customers - to recycle right!

#YAY Just follow the instructions on the sign.

Don’t have a recycling wheel? Take the Getting It Sorted Recycling Pledge. These are a great way to find out if items go in your blue bin, if they need to go to the Household Recycling Centres (aka The Tip), take back to the shops, charity shop or if they belong in the green bin.

I have one on my fridge and it’s my 'go to' when I am not sure! 

If you already have taken the recycling pledge we are happy to post out put more wheels, if you need one, just let us know. 

And remember, every action, however, big or small makes a difference!

If you would like to join the team our next e-meets are:

Tuesday 24th August at 7PM 
Friday 13th August at 12 NOON

Reply to this email to book a place and we will send you a link to join us. 
We are looking for volunteers, who like to chat about recycling to join us at the Coates Village Fair on the afternoon of 11th September

You don't need to be an expert we will run through everything you need to know before the day.

Just reply to this email to let us know if you're free.
All Sorts Together & Getting It Sorted Volunteers

Need help to re-launch creative recycled/upcycled craft sessions, which will be running in the afternoons on:

Thursday at the Queen Mary Centre

Fridays at the Oasis Centre.

Re-launch dates to be confirmed.

No need to be a crafting OR recycling expert just the willingness to join in, have fun, and chat to people is all that's needed.

We will show you the ropes.


If you would like to attend we would love to see you there, register an interest by replying to this email. 

Finally, I need your help. Why do you recycle? What is your motivation? What prevents you recycling as well as you could? Share it with us. 

If you have made something out of rubbish, recycled rubbish collected, talked to people about recycling, other reduce, recycle, refuse information you would like to share, send it in. 

Remember, we are all about inspiring others to make good recycling choices and leading by example is the best thing we can do, and sharing what you do is a great way to reach more people.
Sent in from you!
We love to hear from you. What have you done to improve recycling where you are? 
Do you need help?
Have a question? 

We are here to help! 
"I was at a garden centre and see that they now take plant pots, and compost bags to be recycled. Can they be recycled in the blue bin?"

Thank you, it's not a simple answer... 

Plant pots -the majority cannot be recycled in the blue bin, but if they are clear plastic, or specifically say they are recyclable AND are clean yes, they could go in the blue bin. 

Compost sacks are still not recyclable in the blue bin and require specialist recycling.
Many local garden centres also collect and recycle compost bags and pots. 
''Clever Lid! Black plastic that can be recycled?''  

Yes, not all black plastic is bad, some can be recycled as long as it is clean. Just let the light sensors on the plastic sorting machine sort them into can/cannot recycle. Some companies use invisible (to us) dye to help the machines identify the type of plastic it is, helping in the recycling process. 

Disclaimer: Other companies also do this too.
Fond Farewell
Our longstanding and enthusiastic volunteer, Nate Lansdell is leaving the Getting it Sorted Volunteers Team for pastures new. He has been fantastic helping Fenland to recycle better and leaves us to undertake a degree and new work opportunities. 

We wish him well for the future.

If you would like to get involved in helping others to recycle, like Nate has, then we’d love to hear from you, please get in touch by replying to this email.
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