Why we volunteer
Volunteer Emma Chapman writes:

It's recycle week at the end of the month. It's all about each and every one of us stepping up and making a difference to our own recycling. There are lots of us Getting It Sorted Volunteers who work hard to reduce, re-use and recycle in Fenland, whether that be through running and attending events, sorting rubbish on litter picks or just simply by talking to other people in our communities, work places and schools.

We wanted to share why some volunteers do what they do. I held a 'Q and A' with some of them on what they do and why they do it, we hope you find them as inspiring as we have.

Here's what they said:
Amy, Lee and Phyliss hold a recycling crafts workshop called All Sorts together.

They upcycle all sorts of things such as clothes into bags and this very creative wine bottle into a lamp. By doing this they are stopping something perfectly reusable things going to landfill and giving it a new life by making it into something else. It is also the perfect time to chat to people about recycling helping others to learn what can and can't be recycled in a really nice friendly environment. 

If you would like to have a go then you can attend All Sorts come along . You don’t need to be a creative mastermind- you just need a bit of imagination and willingness to just give it a go!

Join us for free every Thursday 4.45pm -5.15pm at the Oasis Centre and Fridays 3-5pm at the Queen Mary Centre details below.
😍Amy made this. It was a wine bottle, now it's a beautiful lamp.
Alongside being a Getting It Sorted Volunteers, Robin is a valued member of Fenland’s Neighbourhood Watch and Green Dog Walkers and is working hard to improve its impact on recycling and the community.

'Doing good makes you feel good, it improves your wellbeing and the environment

There are people of all ages in Fenland and Robin is keen for everyone to be involved to really make a difference to his community and the environment around them.
Our amazing Sophie is all about schools and young people doing their bit.

Inspired by her time at Rainbows and Brownies, and seeing our inspirational recycling workshop Sophie was determined to get a recycling bin installed at her local school. Considering there weren’t any for students to use, this was a big achievement.

Sophie's recycling habits has clearly had an impact on her 2 year old sister. This is her playing her part and taking out the recycling!

It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter what age you are - we can all help!
Sam really enjoys speaking to people in her community and giving out little tips and tricks to improve individuals recycling habits.   

At our recycling roadshows, just talking to people and asking them if they have any questions or need help makes a massive difference. One simple trick, and that person’s recycling can double. 

We have had lovely feedback from you too, saying how helpful it is, and we hope to start them up again soon! 

Me - I have always been passionate about animals and the environment and have always tried to do my bit to make a difference!

I LOVE writing the e-news and it warms my heart to get your compliments, fan mail and stories about what you are doing to try and fight your own war on waste. So please keep sending them in! Keep asking us questions, if you don't know, someone else probably won’t know either! So be brave and ask and help yourself and someone you don't know too.  

You may even bump into me or one of our other brilliant volunteers at the local fetes. 

This is me helping people learn about recycling with our river game at Parson Drove. It was a hot but amazing day. I can't wait to get back out there again. 

During lockdown we have been busy filming ourselves at home to make this video about recycling in Cambridgeshire. Working with Cambridgeshire Skills it will be part of an online recycling course, so if you want learn more about recycling, and don't have time to visit us, you can do it from the comfort of your home. 

Here is a sneaky peek. 
Join us with All Sorts Together:

Every Thursday 4.15pm -5.15pm at the Oasis Centre, Wisbech
Every Friday 3pm - 5pm at the Queen Mary Centre, Wisbech

We will be at the Coates fete on the 11th September 1.30pm -5pm 

24th September 10am we are joining forces with March RiverCare to clear up litter and recycle as much litter as we can! We hope you can come too. 

Feel inspired to make a change? Why not start by becoming a Getting It Sorted Volunteer? You can learn about events going on in your area, facts about recycling and ways in which you can help tackle the war on waste. 

Want to join the team? Just reply to this email and we can go from there.

And remember, every action however big or small makes a difference!