True Horrors
Getting It Sorted Volunteer Emma Chapman Writes:

This Halloween Special highlights true recycling HORRORS! Enjoy, learn and help us prevent them being a future problem by sharing with everyone you know!
ZOMBIE Batteries are a real threat! 
Did you know pre-lockdown Fenland District Council lost a recycling lorry and 12 tonnes of recycling due to...

BATTERIES in the recycling bin! 

Even a small dead battery has enough energy to create heat, and has chemicals that can even explode! This is a dangerous problem worldwide! 

Please store your batteries in a sealed tin or bag and take them to any shop that sells batteries or the recycling centre to be recycled in the safest way. 

Pumpkin Mania!
Pumpkins- the icon of Halloween. I used to love getting pumpkins every year, carving them, putting them outside my door, winning the yearly pumpkin carving competition... However in the last couple of years I have started to think about how wasteful it is. So many pumpkins are produced yet the majority of us scoop out the flesh and throw it away.

That’s a whole squash which could feed a family that we are chucking in the bin. Plus all the seeds which could be sown to grow more pumpkins or provide food for wildlife. The more I think about it the madder it seems. So maybe it’s time to have a re-think of how we do Halloween.

I recently brought a clay pumpkin for £10 from a garden centre. He sits on my table and looks wonderful. I can’t put tealights in him but I can keep him forever (providing I don’t drop him!), he isn’t going to go mouldy after a few weeks, there is absolutely no waste and it’s a one time buy. Look how happy he is!

If you have a garden waste bin be sure to put pumpkin waste in there when you're done with it to be composted.
Frightful food ruins recycling! 
Recycling being ruined due to contamination - how much recycling do you think is wasted due to contamination?

This year, in Fenland, so far 43 tonnes!

Not emptying bottles, and rinsing tubs and jars! It is the biggest cause for recycling rejects in Fenland.

Good news most people do get it right.
Easy Peasy Halloweeny Swaps:

Make your own cakes, biscuits or sweets - lose the plastic tub they come in and decorate them however scary you want!

Reduce. Buy the silicone re-usable cases or you can buy ceramic cake/muffin tins so that you don’t need any cases at all!

Reusing.  Buy things that you can use over and over again, visit the charity shop see what they have, or get crafty and make some that can be reused.

Remember, Halloween is about spending time with loved ones, making memories, remembering our ancestors and enjoying each other's company not how many sweets you can eat, and scaring people (well maybe a bit).
Recycling heros wanted!
Fenland District Council are looking for Kickstarters to help the recycling team solve some problems.  

The Kickstarter scheme is open to anyone on Universal Credits who is hoping to learn in an 'on the job' style. In this fantastic opportunity to kickstart your new career and make a massive difference to the environment and the Fenland Community at the same time.

Recycling in the UK is growing and new changes are coming. Learn the skills to help shape the future of recycling here in Fenland. Vacancies for anyone 18 -24 years old. 

See here for more details. Apply here 
Asked by you! 
1. Pizza boxes- are they recyclable?
I know what you thinking, it says recycle on the box and  they are made from cardboard.

I bring this up because I have recently noticed the recycling symbol or ‘I am recyclable’ on the box.

However, the fact that they get covered in grease means they cannot easily be recycled! 

So, if there is more than a little bit of food waste (grease, cheese, tomato paste) then it is destined for the green bin or you can compost it.
2. Can this be recycled at the plastic film collections in supermarkets? 
Yes, although it cannot be recycled in your blue bin you are correct that it can be recycled with plastic film lids, bread bags, clean plastic pouches and carrier bags at the supermarket.
3. What do you do with computer parts?
Take them to the recycling centre, put them in the electrical waste collection. 

If you are part of a business you should have a WEEE Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment collection. 
4. Why did the recycling centre turn me away? 
Without more details that's a hard one to answer.
If you had a van or trailer, did you have a free permit? 

Did you have a slot booked? 

All the recycling centres are run by Cambridgeshire County Council, check their website for more information. Including the change of hours to winter season!
Upcoming Events
All sorts together - recycling craft sessions. Children with an adult responsible for them are welcome to join in. 

Thursdays 4.15pm at the Oasis centre 
Fridays 3pm at the Queen Mary Centre

9th November Recycling in Fenland -  Virtual Talk 7pm - with Fenland and West Norfolk Friends Of The Earth
5th November 10am
Virtual Christmas Crafts Training for Volunteers

Free to all registered Getting it Sorted Volunteers
27th November 10am- 12noon Upcycling Christmas Decorations Special 

Free to families with children attending Murrow School. 

Feel inspired to make a change? Why not start by becoming a Getting It Sorted Volunteer? You can learn about events going on in your area, facts about recycling and ways in which you can help tackle the war on waste. To sign up and for more information visit

And remember, every action however big or small makes a difference!