Getting more,  out of less
Getting it Sorted Volunteer Emma Chapman writes:

We are covering reuse of food waste in the first part of the newsletter and exploring feeding wildlife over winter. Wild animals can really struggle with finding food over the colder months, so it’s important that we give them a helping hand.

Further down are also some tips for a more sustainable Christmas. 
Brilliant Birds

Along with the usual seed and nut mixes you can find in a variety of shops, birds can eat apple cores and seeds, pears, soft fruits, cheese, cooked pasta, rice and boiled potatoes.

Feeding ducks your leftover peas is much better for them than old bread!

All great if you have a few leftovers and want to help wildlife too!
DIY Bird Feeders

1. Get a toilet roll tube, cover it in (out of date peanut butter/ or fat from your grill pan) and roll it in bird seed. Put some string/ribbon through the tube, tie a knot and voila! - a homemade, recycled, reused food waste, 5 minute DIY bird feeder.

2. Get a bottle put some holes in it, some sticks through it and fill with seeds and hang in a tree.

3. Fill a yogurt pot with fat from your grill pan, and seeds, and leave out or hang in a tree. 

Your garden birds will appreciate the extra calories from these treats too!
Ahh the humble hedgehog

So wonderful yet, unfortunately, under threat! Do you have a fussy cat that won't eat their dinner? 

Help these little critters and leave cat food out and water - not milk (milk gives them upset tummies)
Squirrels - Go nuts for all nuts even if they are out of date!
Hibernation help leave a corner with a pile of leaves or a log pile for wild animals to hide in. 

Toads and frogs love to hide in old plant pots, make a few locations for them to hide in by leaving upturned puts under bushes and hedges.
Over winter ponds may freeze which can cause toxic gases to build up killing fish or frogs that may be hiding at the bottom. Check ponds daily for ice and if your pond does freeze over, place a saucepan of warm -not boiling-  water (from your cooked vegetables) on the ice and let it melt. 

Do not smash the ice as this may harm the wildlife in your pond.
Christmas is just around the corner - a time for merriment and family, but also a time for huge amounts of waste.

With the environment a big topic of conversation and cause for concern, we really do need to think about the 3 R’s- reduce,  re-use, recycle.

What can we do this Christmas to make efforts to reduce waste?

Rent a Tree

You can rent a real Christmas tree for the holiday period, once Christmas is over, you take it back to the company where they look after it throughout the year and the following year you can rent another Christmas tree.

You can even rent the same tree year after year.

Or, if you do buy a real one, get one with roots and plant it so it and be used again.

Try Making Memories
Being Present

Remember it’s not all about buying gifts and spending lots of money. I’m not a fan of buying gifts for the sake of it.

Why not arrange a fun day instead? You could make it an eco-day by cycling instead of driving, bake or make together, or maybe add in a litter pick whilst you’re at it?

DIY presents - got something old you think can be given a new life? Why not go along to our recycled craft sessions and see what you can come up with. You could end up making an amazing present for someone which hasn’t cost a penny or the earth! Every Thursday at the Oasis Centre at 4.15pm or Friday at the Queen Mary Center from 3pm.
That's a Wrap

Buy recyclable, or at least real paper wrapping paper, that can be recycled. 

Leave the ‘Sellotape’ behind and opt for string or ribbon.

It’s more eco-friendly, it looks lovely and the paper won’t be damaged from ripping off the ‘Sellotape’ meaning it can be reused again and again and so can the ribbon.

If you’re not sure if your wrapping paper can be recycled, scrunch it into a ball, if it pops out of shape again it cannot be recycled. 

Every little action individuals take does make a difference – whether it’s a big difference or a small difference, it’s a difference in the right direction.

Feel inspired to make a change? Why not start by becoming a Getting It Sorted Volunteer? You can learn about events going on in your area, facts about recycling and ways in which you can help tackle the war on waste. To sign up and for more information visit

We will be making a variety of winter decorations at our free recycled craft sessions.

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