Olympic Golden Achievements for Volunteers
Alexia wearing Christmas hat riding her litter picking buggy by St Peters church in Wisbech
Top Trumps Quest 79 Inspirational Challenges
Volunteer Alexia Franklin writes:

I want to do my bit to put the Whizz back into Wisbech! So I thought I would take on a real challenge to help me and my local area. I embarked on a Quest 79 Challenge to litter pick for 79 days for 50 minutes a day. 

Quest 79 was set up by Paralympic Gold medallist Karen Dark and is all about finding Your Inner Gold, it can be anything, have a look it may inspire you too. I wanted to show commitment to the environment by leading by example. You don't have to be 100% fit, know everything there is to know, but each of us have the power within us, to make a difference. Being born with Polio and having Arthritis, I have disabilities that make life difficult, but I do not let it hold me back. I know, if I don't use it, I will lose it, the less I move the harder it is to move and I thought this would be a great way to meet new people, and stay active.  

After 158 days of litter picking every day, out of the blue, Karen Dark called me! She asked if I would be an Inner Gold Guide to help others, and would I be happy to become an inspiration on her Top Trumps cards?

Reading peoples comments on social media, on the website and people talking to me whilst out and about, inspired me and I achieved 279 days on the trot! Yes it was hard, and after a while I wanted to do more so I started separating recyclables from the litter and now I have a buggy where I can collected bottles and cans separately to recycle them. I joined StreetPride, and Getting it Sorted Volunteers to do even more to promote recycling and to help others make their own journeys to improve where they live and hopefully themselves too. 

I see now that my actions not only helped me but others locally and all over the world, including the planet itself. Who would have thought I would be volunteering with an Olympian or be on a set of top trumps cards!? It goes to show that you never know where a good action can lead you. What will you do to reach your Inner Gold?
Fenland can recycle on the go

Keep a look out for the 21 new recycling bins that have been installed in Fenland. 

These were installed thanks to a grant from WRAP to improve recycling on the go option here in Fenland.

Now it is easier than ever to recycle your empty drinks containers whilst in Fenland. 
New recycling bin installed at March West End Park
Volunteers at recycling roadshow
Recycling Roadshows

We will be at:

31st January Waterlees 10am -12 noon

24th February Whittlesey 10am-12 noon 

We will be knocking on doors and chatting to residents about recycling. Want to join us reply to this email and let us know.
Join us and Active Fenland for fun family games around healthy eating, recycling and food waste. Pick up some goodies and try our take on a Healthy delicious snack! 

We will be at:

Wisbech Oasis centre 14th February 10am-12:30pm
March Twenty20 Productions Studio 16th February 10am-12.30pm
Chatteris King Edward Centre 17th February 10am -12.30pm
Whittlesey The Marketplace 18th February 10am-12.30pm
Love food? Love this! Family events
Email us for more details activefenlandbookings@fenland.gov.uk 
Rice for one is three table spoons
Our friends at Love food hate waste shared with us that each UK family bins around £720 of food a year! 

Much of this is from not knowing how much you need and plan to use it before it goes out of date. To help reduce your food waste and help the planet here is a top tip:

The perfect portion of rice per person is 3 tablespoons. 

If you do end up with too much, remember you can feed it to the birds.

Reply to this email with your food waste prevention top tips, we would love to hear them.
Asked by you!
Squashed Can
Is it true that dented cans and tins cannot be recycled? 

No, as long as they is empty, clean, loose in the bin up (or in a clear recycling sack) and is on the approve list of things to go in the recycling bin it doesn't matter if it is squashed, bent or dented.
Why wont the bin crew takerecycling that's in black bags? 

Black sacks and other coloured bags of rubbish are hard to see if there is anything that may contaminate the already collected recycling. This is why we ask people to use clear sacks that way any bags with food, nappies, textiles or animal waste can be removed or rejected without ruining the rest of the recycling. 

Recycling is hand sorted and it can be dangerous for staff to open bags and hand sort through mystery sacks. 

Remember cardboard boxes too big for bins can be left by bins on recycling week and will be taken.
Recycling video from Waterbeach
Cambridgeshire recycling workshop
Yes we are still collecting recycling
I would like to help my local community group to get an affordable recycling service, where do i start?

Fenland District Council offer reduced commercial recycling rates to community groups and schools. They are local and can be flexible in the collection types to help suit your needs. They have sacks, bins and people on call to help. 

Other companies also offer business recycling schemes.

Feel inspired to make a change? Why not start by becoming a Getting It Sorted Volunteer? You can learn about events going on in your area, facts about recycling and ways in which you can help tackle the war on waste. To sign up and for more information visit www.fenland.gov.uk/volunteers.

And remember, every action however big or small makes a difference!