Ready For Food Waste Action Week?
Food Waste Action Week 7th- 13th March
Written by Volunteer Emma Chapman

Hello and welcome to March’s 2022 Getting It Sorted Volunteer E-news Update.

This month we are going to look at recycling in our kitchens. We use so many different products around our homes; what can we do to reduce, reuse and recycle? The kitchen is the hub of any home, so it seems like a good room to start in! Especially with Food Waste Action Week fast approaching.
Washing up

Washing up liquid

Buy bigger bottles that last longer.

Reducing the amount of bottles you buy and the number of bottles going into the recycling system.

You can also buy washing up liquid soap bars, eliminating more waste altogether, as they last much longer! 

Remember all plastic bottles and lids can be recycled in your blue bin or recycling sacks

And save water by rinsing any food off your recyclables in the old washing up water. 

Sponges and scrubbers

Instead of buying scrubbers why not buy a dish brush instead?

Plastic sponge scrubbers get thrown away often and parts tend to flake away and go down the plughole into the waterways and food chains. 

Dish brushes last a lot longer and can be bought with a wooden handle rather than plastic.

Or use the nets from citrus fruits as a scrubber, roll into a ball and off you go. 

eco brushes made from wood and metal.
These items cannot be recycled in the blue bin!
Kitchen roll

Kitchen roll is useful for so many things but it does create an awful lot of waste.

Why not use re-usable kitchen roll aka a cloth?

Once you have finished with it, you simply pop it in the wash ready to use again and again. Magic!
Cleaning products

There are so many products out there for each individual surface or item that requires cleaning.

Surface cleaner, hob cleaner, oven cleaner, sink cleaner, glass cleaner - the list is endless.

Are all these different cleaning products really necessary?

I go back to basics with some vinegar, bi carb and elbow grease! 

Read the cleaning products many are the same ingredients just with one labelled for kitchen, the other for bathroom. Reduce your waste consumption buy one size fits all cleaner and save some cash too. 

Why not look into making your own products from scratch with natural ingredients and let us know how you get on. It makes a great safe activity for the kids to get involved with too.
Volunteer Karen shares her top food tip! 

Cut dry bread into chunks and drizzle with olive oil and chilli oil (left from the  preserved 🌶 I made last year) then bake till crispy and eat with soup.

Or enjoy on their own instead of crisps.

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Donate to Ukraine refugees
For more information on where to Donate to the refugees of Ukraine visit Ukraine: How you can help!

If we have we missed a collection point let us know! 
Recycling sale, Murrow primary Academy 12th March 10-12noon.
For more details about donating or attending please contact us. 
RiverCare litter pick Sunday 20th March 10am Meet Wigstones Park entrance  at Nene Parade

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And remember, every action however big or small makes a difference!