Reduce and Reuse Special 
Murial of fenland landscape at Gorefield Primary
The Ideas Guru & volunteer AKA Karen Luck writes:

I am a governor at both Gorefield and Murrow School. This is a mural I created with recycled paint from Repaint. The wall was prepared by brushing loose dust off, applying a bleach solution and allowing to dry before using masonry paint for sky and basic ground areas. Other recycled acrylic based paint were used to add the things pupils had drawn or listed. Brushes, cloths and sponges were used to apply the paints. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions only my grandson (at the time the youngest pupil in school) was able to help on one or two occasions. Final details were added with acrylics from my own paint collection.

It is signed Klucky……a nod to Banksy who one class had been studying. The school dog, Pippin, is near the sign post which points towards the linked school at Murrow. Pupils enjoy spotting all the birds, animals, flowers and local landscape features.

I love to inspire others to try new things and I share with the other volunteers activities they might like to do with their groups. Here are a few experiments I have underway that you might like to try out too: 

Tomato planters

I cut off the bottom of my coffee carton collection (used generally for craft modelling with my grand children) of cardboard coffee tubes, and filled with compost for the tomato seedlings when big enough to repot.

This saves plastic pot waste and the cardboard can be planted straight into the ground protecting the plants roots.

Or you can recycle them if you prefer!
Cardboard tubes used as planters
Banana Skin in jar of water to make fertilizer

This is a new one I have discovered - banana skin plant food!

I’ll let you know what the tomato plants think of it in a while. Just drop banana skins into a water jar and leave for a while. Pour into an old plastic juice bottle (label and put out of kids reach) to watering can as needed. The amount will be my guess work or a science experiment with a grandchild!

We are starting with once a week and see how we get on.

Fruit and veg skins can always go in the compost if you prefer.
Toilet roll sunflower pots

Did you know that cardboard can be recycled but also can be used to improve your home compost too! 

We have set our sunflower seeds in the toilet roll tubes this year. Thought it would be easier for the grandchildren to plant out in a few weeks' time. They can just plant the whole thing.
Toilet roll tubes filled with compost
Biodegradable toothpaste tubes
Refillable toothpaste! 

I was shocked to discover that toothpaste tubes are not recyclable so I have made a switch to a refillable one! The refill comes by post in biodegradable packaging too, which I really like.  

Other brands are available!

Some shops recycle toothpaste tubes, keep an eye out for your local recycling points.

Feel inspired to make a change? Why not start by becoming a Getting It Sorted Volunteer? You can learn about events going on in your area, facts about recycling and ways in which you can help tackle waste. To sign up and for more information visit

And remember, every action however big or small makes a difference!

overflowing recycling bins
Recycling Roadshows a success! 

The Volunteer team visited the old market place in Wisbech to help folks with their recycling. We spoke to lots of people about what rubbish should go where, gave out recycling sacks and gave people the opportunity to ask us questions. 

We discovered that some areas didn't have enough space in the recycling bins and thanks to StreetScene Officers the residents now have a new bin to recycle more waste than ever. 

If you would like to help at a recycling roadshow and make improvements like this in your area please get in touch.
Recycling in action 

Welcome to the team lads! These two boys have been busy collecting rubbish that is down their road as part of StreetPride but to make a greater impact they have been collecting  what can be recycled and are going to recycle all this! They hope to speak to the school about doing a school assembly too. 

If you want to make a greater environmental impact and need help to recycle more please get in touch we can help!
Recycling sale  

Recycling sale went well with Murrow StreetPride volunteers helping us collect £118 for the Murrow Primary Academy and rehoming all these unwanted clothes and toys too at local relevant charities as well as some being used by the school. 

We hope this has been enough for the school to achieve their Science Week award!

If you would like to have help running something similar please get in touch.
Team setting up for action
Safe version of the local river filled with litter for the children to sort and recycle! 
Careers day at Orchards! 

Thanks Alexia from Orchards Primary School for learning about the benefits of volunteering and finding out about careers in recycling! Alexia spoke the children whilst they helped clear the virtual River Nene and discover where the rubbish should have gone and why. 

The children really enjoyed themselves and have welcomed her back again soon. 

If your school would like a visit from our volunteers please get in touch.
Wisbech Adventure Play Park gets recycling reignited!

Our friends at Wisbech adventure playpark invited us for a staff recycling workshop refresher. They are all ready for action and the volunteers they work with will be recycling on the litter picks and they will be creating recycling masterpieces as things return to normal. They said 

"Best staff training course I have ever been on"

If you would like us to run a recycling training session with your group, workplace or staff please get in touch.