Let's Get Real About Recycling #RecycleWeek
Volunteer Diane Cutler writes:

Recycling tips to help you this recycle week. 
Bench made from old wooden fence
Dead fence to trendy bench! 

Reduce and reuse is always the best first steps to recycling. It is not always easy but it is possible. 

For us it all started with a storm which took down most of our garden fence and snapped the posts at ground level so they could not be used to repair the fence.

Charlie set to and started to make a bench. After cutting and sanding the posts into different sizes he had all the pieces he needed for the frame and seat.

The backrest on the bench he made from the damaged gravel boards that ran along the bottom of the fence. It was a long time in the making but it has finally been painted.

Goodness knows how much a new bench of the same style would cost to purchase! But for Charlie the only cost involved was for the pot of paint. Only a fraction of which has been used so the remainder will come in handy to paint other items. 

Good to know that a tatty looking old fence has been given a new lease of life. I am delighted that we still have plenty of damaged wood available because some new small coffee size garden tables to rest our cuppas on will be great.

If you're not upcycling your old wood please take it to the recycling centre.
Picture shows bottles can be recycled but drinking glasses cannot
Raise a glass to recycling

Celebrate your successes.

ALL empty bottles are recyclable.  

But not all glass is easy to recycle

High density glass like crystal, windows, mirrors or oven proof dishes are also not easy to recycle. Please take them to the recycling centre.
How clean is clean?

Clean enough to not ruin paper and card that you and others have put out for recycling. It all gets mixed together in the lorry on the way to the recycling centre. 

Food waste is the number one problem for recycling.

Empty it, rinse it - old washing up water, or even out of a water butt is fine.

No need to waste clean water on washing recycling.
Foil trays Yes dirty trays no
All Fenland libraries, Wisbech Tesco and The Oasis Centre are taking in all types of uniforms for rehoming. 

If you want to pick up a uniform you can visit 

Chatteris library 28th October 10-12am
March Library 28th October 1-3pm
Wisbech Library 13th December.


30th November Introduction to the circular economy 4pm 
Guest speakers from Peterborough Environment City Trust will be holding an online session with all recycling champions here in Fenland.  Reply to this email to book a free place.

Have a question about recycling? Want to share a tip with us? Just reply to this email we look forward to hearing from you. 

You can learn about events going on in your area, facts about recycling and ways in which you can help tackle the war on waste. To sign up and for more information visit www.gettingitsorted.org

And remember, every action however big or small makes a difference!