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Trimaco’s X•Team includes two floor and surface protectors to choose from, depending on the demands of your job. X•Paper™ is a durable surface protection paper and X•Board® a heavy-duty surface protection board. Both are breathable, long lasting and recyclable.

X•Paper™, a durable flooring protection paper, is 1.5 times thicker than standard contractor’s paper. It’s easy to work with and repels minor spills. The roll is 0.91m x 36.57m (36” x 120’).

X•Board®, a step up from X•Paper™, is a heavy-duty floor and surface protection board. It’s 2.5 times thicker than builder’s paper and lasts for the duration of most jobs. It’s armed with Spill Block® technology, ensuring no paint, mud or water will get through to the protected surface. Available in 0.89m x 15.24m (35” x 50’) and 0.89m x 30.48m (35” x 100’) rolls. It works best with X•Board® Seam Tape.

Both protectors are great for use on most hard floors and surfaces during painting, decorating, renovating, construction and more.