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Wirral MHST expanding knowledge and service

The social and emotional development of babies has often been forgotten about in research literature and policy development, with some authors acknowledging that we can be ‘baby-blind’ at times. But more and more this blind spot is being tackled with babies mental health being taken just as seriously as children's and young people's.
To improve the service and support that your Wirral CAMHS team offer, some members of our team are currently studying on the IAPT 0-5’s pathway. A course specifically focused on supporting this age group and their carers. 

Summer Self Care Packs

Last year the Anna Freud Centre started a self-care campaign. It proved so popular it was continued on through lockdown and they are doing the same again this year. The campaign encourages children and young people to take care of their overall wellbeing during the summer break.
Self care packs are available online and provide activities, support and advice for each day throughout the summer to help combat low mood and anxiety. 

Packs are available for both children and young people on the Anna Freud Centre Centre site and have been created using suggestions from young people based on their own tried and tested methods of self care.

Anxiety over the easing of lockdown?

For some people the easing of lockdown restrictions can't come soon enough, but for others the lifting of rules such as mask wearing and social distancing can be quite daunting.

The NHS Every Mind Matters team have put together some tips to help those who are feeling anxious to cope with this difficult change.
Look on the Every Mind Matters website for lots of information and videos on how to look after your mental health.

What's up with everyone?

A team from University of Nottingham and several mental health charities, including Happy Space and the Mental Health Foundation, have developed a host of short animations to encourage discussion around a few common areas of difficulty for young people.

The animations have themes of perfectionism, loneliness, independence, social media and competitiveness and help with thinking about ways to deal with these issues.
Visit the What's Up With Everyone website for more information.
MyMind website and social media

For more information about your local CAMHS service and access to a range of other resources about mental health please click on this link mymind.org.uk
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