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An update from your local team

The MHSTs have received training in LEGO-Based Therapy, which specifically helps children with communication difficulties. The training involved participating in hands-on creative activities and learning techniques to support and engage a range of children and young people. 

By offering this intervention, MHSTs hope to break down barriers to the access of treatment for children with Autism and a comorbid mental health difficulty.


MindSafe is an evidence-based digital support tool, helping schools to promote the mental wellbeing of pupils aged 6-18. It allows schools to identify the support needed, by working around the 5 R’s (relationships, recognition, reflection, regulation and resilience).

It also supports pupils to recognise their own needs, better understand their feelings and to reach out for help by using mood tracking and journaling. For more information, click here.  

Food for Mood

As we start back at school and start up our routine of learning once again, it is important to consider how you fuel your body to get the best from yourself.

The British Dietician Association has a downloadable resource full of information regarding which foods are best to improve mood, energy levels and brain power. So, if you're feeling low or lethargic maybe consider your diet as part of a whole body approach to wellbeing.

Bouncing Back to Class

As part of their Live Lessons, the BBC have produced a wellbeing-themed lesson in association with the Premier League. This video, Wellbeing: Bouncing Back to Class, is about getting back to school and looking toward the future. It offers some fun activities to encourage resilience and positive wellbeing. The session covers some genuine worries that children have faced over the last year and has useful links to the curriculum for both key stage 1 and 2.  
MyMind website and social media

For more information about your local CAMHS service and access to a range of other resources about mental health please click on this link mymind.org.uk
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