Issue No. 216
27th September 2023

Funding shortfall is putting innovation plans in jeopardy

A third of businesses have insufficient financial resources to innovate, while 41% identify high up-front costs as a barrier to sustainable innovation. These are some of findings of the latest International Innovation Barometer from Ayming, which highlights how a global boom in innovation is now coming under real threat because current funding streams are inadequate. With the current economic climate creating a tension between business’ short and long-term plans, Njy Rios, director of R&D incentives at Ayming UK, is urging policymakers to find a way to align the two or risk jeopardising future innovation.  

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Mark Simms, Editor


Automatic loading and unloading of pressed parts

A robot-based 3D measuring system is helping an automotive manufacturer reduce the cycle times of its press lines. Four Ensenso 3D cameras from IDS Imaging Development Systems provide the basic data and thus the platform for process automation.

Register to attend Schneider Electric’s UK Innovation Day

Schneider Electric has announced its upcoming OEM Innovation Day focusing on the Sustainable Machine Lifecycle. The event will take place on 11 October 2023 at the Schneider Electric Innovation Hub in Coventry.

Driving robotics and embedded motion applications

Dean Crumlish, product and applications manager at Copley Controls, explores the use of compact, efficient and powerful nano-type servo drives with innovative thermal management technology and EtherCAT and CANopen support for robotics and embedded motion applications.

Maximum mobility and flexibility with the highest degree of safety

The Wireless Safety System from Dold in the SAFEMASTER W family allows the safe operation and shut-down of systems with hazardous areas, such as in automatic operation or in set up operation.

Choosing the right modular safety system

Modular safety systems can deliver significant benefits, as long as key features are included in the specification, as the experts at Wieland Electric explain.

Leuze is turning 60 and continues its ambitious growth

In 1963, the electronics division of the Leuze Group came into being. In 2023, the international sensor expert is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Today, over 1,600 Sensor People worldwide create sensing and safety solutions in automation technology.

High quality products for high quality machines

You probably know the saying: “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” This is also true in different situations and applications. A machine is therefore only as durable as the components within it, say the experts at Lenze Selection.

Fortress launches EtherCAT on the amGardpro networked range

Fortress can now provide amGardpro proNet units able to communicate with EtherCAT-based systems for industrial safety and control. The network-enabled interlocks and control pods are now equipped with Safety over EtherCAT protocol (FSoE).

Build, run, monitor and redeploy collaborative applications

D:PLOY, crafted by OnRobot, perfectly complements ABB’s machine systems, ushering in a new era of efficiency. This integration software platform allows businesses to adapt rapidly to market dynamics.

Reach the next level of precision with ACS and PI

At MachineBuilding.Live, ACS Motion Control and Physik Instrumente (PI) UK will be showcasing positioning technologies and motion control solutions designed to provide industrial applications with unrivalled levels of precision.

Equip cobots with pre-collision detection capabilities

Simplified Robotics is showcasing the DOBOT CR3S SafeSkin collaborative robot, inviting you to experience its advanced features. SafeSkin is a wearable accessory that equips collaborative robots with pre-collision detection capabilities.

A mobile safety solution with secure user authentication

For a mobile robot station, HT Robotics wanted to ensure that only three authorised user groups gain access to the application – the access permission system PITreader S from Pilz provided the solution.

Innovative planetary gear unit design means faster product development

STOBER has partnered with FVA-Workbench, the leading software solution for the calculation and parameter modelling of gear systems for faster, more efficient planetary gear unit design.

New fibre optic controller with variable switching outputs

Micro-Epsilon has introduced an optoelectronic fibre optic sensor solution for reliable position control and presence detection in a wide range of industrial automation and process control applications.

Motion control platform features increased galvo and gantry support

Aerotech has announced Version 2.5 of its Automation1 motion control platform, bringing a TCP socket interface (beta), Automation1 MachineApps HMI developments, new motor setup helper modules, Machine Setup improvements for galvo laser scan heads and more.

Mclennan adds Wittenstein’s cynapse smart gearbox for predictive maintenance

Mclennan has added the new cynapse smart gearbox line from Wittenstein to its wide range of technologies. With its ability to collect, analyse and visualise built-in gearbox information and sensor data, cynapse adds a layer of predictive maintenance that is stored locally in the gearbox, or communicated via IO-Link to PLCs as well as higher level IPCs/Gateways and Cloud systems – enabling comprehensive IIoT integration.

Order 3D parts quickly with the igus configurator

Order wear-resistant special parts in less than one minute with the igus configurator. Simply upload your CAD file, select a material, quantity and order.

Witness innovation unfold with Universal Robots’ latest UR20 cobot

Experience cobot setup and programming through two interactive pods at MachineBuilding.Live. The star of the show, UR20, is Universal Robots’ top-end model with the longest reach and heaviest payload capabilities, tailored for end-of-line packaging applications.

Give your data local impact with IFM

The new DX1063 multifunction display module from IFM Electronic provides a simple and effective way of displaying key data locally on a machine or process plant, making it much easier for operators to keep an eye on status when they’re away from the main operating position.

Vapormatt brings service packages into the 4.0 era with data insights

Recognising that, with an ever-growing number of machines in the field, data becomes increasingly important, surface finishing company Vapormatt has developed a new Industry 4.0 initiative in collaboration with Ixon Cloud.

WDS highlights standard components at MachineBuilding.Live

WDS is a leading European manufacturer and global supplier of standard parts, machine accessories and work holding components, with a long history and an impressive pedigree.

Werma shows the future of signal technology at MachineBuilding.Live

A highlight of Werma’s stand at MachineBuilding.Live will be eSIGN, which the company describes as the future of signal technology – a signal tower that, thanks to electronic modularity, sets new standards.

Pressure transmitters integrate seamlessly into industrial networks

Trafag recently announced two new smart IO-Link pressure transmitters, the NAI 8273 and FPI 8273. These products highlight Trafag’s expertise in delivering precision and reliability while facilitating seamless integration into industrial communication networks.

Unlock new possibilities with Gemba Solutions at MachineBuilding.Live

Gemba Solutions’ cutting-edge software and services are designed to empower machine builders with insights into their equipment’s performance to maximise long-term revenues.

Wall-mounted enclosures, terminal boxes and pushbuttons

Elevate your electrical systems with IP Enclosures’ standard range of wall-mounted electrical enclosures, terminal boxes, and pushbuttons. Suitable for internal and external applications, the weatherproof and high-ingress protection product is available in multi-sizes and configurations to suit your machine building setups.

Mechan Controls brings safety expertise to UK exhibitions

During September and October of 2023, Mechan Controls will be exhibiting at the PPMA show and MachineBuilding.Live. The company’s aim at these two exhibitions is to show all who attend that there is an alternative for safety; it’s Mechan Controls.

Resource management in the medical field

Large medical facilities have an immense pool of equipment, from station computers to laboratory devices to X-ray machines. Maintaining an overview of these resources demands intelligent, state-of-the-art solutions. One significant aid is the use of the SCHURTER Smart Connector DT31.

Join Harting for the Termination Technologies and Tools webinar

Join Harting for a live webinar on Tuesday October 10th to discover which termination technology to use for your application and how a smart combination of different technologies can deliver better results.

XUM photoelectric miniature sensors hit the mark for Telemecanique Sensors

Telemecanique Sensors’ miniature XUM photoelectric sensor exceeds the rigorous demands of today’s logistics, materials handling and packaging arenas. The non-contact sensors, driven by cutting-edge light detection technology, easily switch between modes, delivering sensing capabilities spanning from 100mm to 30 m across four unique detection modes. The XUM Photoelectric Sensor stands as the ultimate solution for virtually any application.

Wittenstein highlights mechatronic solutions at MachineBuilding.Live

Wittenstein’s mechatronic solutions are at the core of numerous successful servo motion applications, offering the most reliable and creative choices for designers of high performing production equipment.

Get real-time data about spindle performance

At MachineBuilding.Live, TMS will be launching SPINDLE BUDDY, giving real-time data about spindle performance.

Sharing knowledge and collaborating on innovative solutions

The Manufacturing Technology Centre is delighted to be alongside like-minded industry experts, who share similar goals for the UK manufacturing sector at MachineBuilding.Live (Stand 90).

Tempa Pano: your trusted solution partner

Tempa Pano is more than just an electrical enclosure manufacturer. With a history spanning over three decades, Tempa Pano has established itself as a reliable partner for tailored solutions.

TR-Electronic highlights encoder expertise at MachineBuilding.Live

TR-Electronic is a leading manufacturer of precision, high quality rotary incremental and absolute encoders, wire rope stringpot encoders, linear encoders and laser distance measurement devices in a wide range of interface options.

Pneumatic and electro-pneumatic automation components

Pneumax is a leading European manufacturer of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic automation components. At MachineBuilding.Live it will be showing components from each of its three business units.

High-quality precision linear motion technology

Moore International, the specialist in high-quality precision linear motion technology, is the UK supplier of Eichenberger Gewinde ballscrews and leadscrews, and offers in-house production of bespoke nuts and screws.

At the heart of the professional design and technology community

The IED is the only body specialising in professional registration for engineering and product designers. It mentors and supports its members throughout their careers and provides guidance on professional registration at Chartered level alongside other registration grades.

Top Hex highlights custom control solutions

Top Hex will be showcasing its latest range of custom control solutions at MachineBuilding.Live, including an energy-saving process controller designed for Martin.

Now open for visitor registration – MachineBuilding.Live

The UK’s only event staged exclusively for machine builders, systems integrators and OEMs keen to automate is now open for visitor registration.

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