Safer Metros. Safer Buses. Safer Parks.

In my last newsletter, I updated you on the findings of my Safer Streets survey - where you told me what makes you feel uncomfortable or even frightened when out and about wherever you live, work or visit across Northumberland, Tyne and Wear. I've listened.

And, in response to these findings, I am finally able to share the good news that we have been successful in our bid for Safer Streets Funding.

This means, I am going to be making £800,000 worth of investment in our region. Investment that will rethink public safety. CCTV, improved lighting, a new reporting app, educational campaigns - these are just some of solutions that you said would make you feel safer. 

I'm excited by this. I truly believe we can improve the lives and safety of people in the North East and I look forward to updating you with our progress over the coming months.

Take care,

Kim McGuinness

Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner


I'm committed to preventing crime before it's able to manifest itself in our communities. That's why I commissioned a youth services report. The findings were pretty shocking with many cash-strapped organisations revealing they were at breaking point unsure how long they could go on for.

And this comes as no surprise when 71% of the youth organisations surveyed have seen their funding cut or reduced since 2011. Many kids don't even know what a youth club is!

To learn more about the true extent of struggling youth services in the North of England and why I'm calling on Government to urgently invest in youth services you can read about my report HERE


The North East is one of the safest places to live in the country, and it’s my job to ensure it remains that way. I will give the force the resources it needs to tackle these crimes, keep you safe, and reduce crime in your community.

This is why together with the Chief Constable I made a promise to the people of Northumberland and Tyne and Wear to boost our force’s recruitment numbers and go above and beyond Government targets - because they weren’t enough. And we’re delivering on this and had 80 new starters last month. In fact, from April 2020 to September 2021 the Force has welcomed 649 new officers, many of which are out serving communities and fighting crime now. Read more.

I know you also like to hear about how we're fighting crime and this month I want to congratulate Northumbria Police and their hugely successful first tear for Operation Momentum. This operation is about ridding our communities of drugs and the associated harm they cause.

Launched in Ashington, this operation has seen over 500 arrested, nearly 150 cars taken off the roads and a huge range of drugs seized in just 12 months. Thank you to everyone involved. Learn more HERE.


I am committed to ensuring victims of crime get the best possible support and they are put at the heart of the criminal justice system. 

This is why last month I welcomed a national report which spelled out what so many who work with victims and survivors have been crying out for, for years - action and change. The figures in the report are alarming and represent an epidemic of violence against women and girls across England and Wales.

I don’t want to take anything away from the progress, hard work and commitment we have seen in recent years, including the progress in Northumbria Police, but the whole system has to work every, single, time. 

This report doesn’t tell us anything new though. In fact, we don’t need more reports about this we need change and change will only happen if it is backed up by the right level of funding. This is not something to be skimped and saved on and after 11 years in power it’s time for this government to step up.

Time is ticking. The longer you ignore a problem, the worse it gets. Read my thoughts HERE.


Tanya and Simon Brown, the parents of Connor Brown.
Last month they launched The Connor Brown Trust to honour their son and raise awareness about the devastating consequences that knife crime has.
I look forward to working with them through my Violence Reduction Unit.


90% 101 calls answered within 4 min
84% victims satisfied with service
79% satisfied with ASB response

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