KeyRing Update
Autumn 2022
Welcome to our latest update!

We hope you get lots of local information from our teams but we think it's always good to share some things from around the country.

If you'd like more information, please speak with your local manager or contact us at
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We've joined the Coalition for Personalised Care

The Coalition for Personalised Care is the single largest partnership of people and organisations in the country which comes together solely to focus on personalised health and care.

At KeyRing we believe that Personalised Care is a holistic approach that includes every aspect of an individual’s health and wellbeing. The language and approaches used must be accessible and inclusive.

Read more about the Coalition for Personalised Care.
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Cost of Living Resources

We’ve been working hard with our teams to pull together resources to support people over the coming period. There are lots of local resources available too.

Here are a couple you might find useful: 

Top tips for saving money on your energy bills - by the North Yorkshire Self Advocates

And here is an accessible language guide to explain blackouts.
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Webinar: How to find health information online

As part of the Creating Connections project we have teamed up with Learning Disability England, SeeAbility and AbilityNet to host this free webinar.

It will offer tips and advice on finding good health information online.

Thursday 24th Nov
1.2-30 PM
Text: Fairer Justice For All. A report about young people with learning disabilities and autism in the criminal justice system.

Fairer Justice For All

Our new report explores the issues facing neurodiverse young people moving from youth to adult services in the Criminal Justice System and makes suggestions for what needs to change.

Read the report.