Community update
Thursday 15 February 2024

Welcome to our community update. This is NHS North West London's newsletter for local community and voluntary groups.

We would encourage you to help us by sharing the relevant content in your community newsletters and email updates aimed at your members and residents. You may also use this wording in social media posts. Images and some campaign materials in different languages are available on our resources page.
Women's health in NW London

We are looking for insight from women who live in NW London about women’s health and well-being services and experiences. We want to better understand the unique challenges and experiences that women face in their healthcare journeys. Share your thoughts and experiences through our survey. 

Responses are confidential and the information provided will be used for NHS research purposes only. Sharing experiences will help us to understand the challenges women face in their healthcare journeys and how we can improve the quality of services for them. 

Click here to complete the survey.

Please share the survey link with those it may be relevant to.

Harrow Citizen Health Forum

On Monday 19 February 2024 at 10am, the NHS will be hosting the Harrow Citizen Health Forum focusing on local Maternity services. The forum will be held in collaboration with Blossom and Maternity Voices Partnership. The meeting will be hosted online via Microsoft Teams, and members of the public can join for free using this link.

The Harrow Citizen Health Forum is a public meeting open to all Harrow residents, offering the opportunity to engage with senior leaders from the local health and care executive. Each forum features a diverse panel made up of Harrow borough leaders from the NHS, GPs, the local authority (council), Public Health, and clinicians. The meeting takes place quarterly and is chaired by NHS NW London’s engagement and equalities team.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please do get in touch with NHS NW London’s engagement and equalities team for Harrow by emailing

Find out more here.

Chair: Charlie David, Engagement & Equalities Manager, NHS NW London


Lisa Henschen, Managing Director, Harrow Borough-Based Partnership, NHS NW London

Isha Coombes, Borough Director – Harrow, NHS NW London

Dr Radhika Balu, GP, Medical Director Harrow, NHS NW London


Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea only -  Have you completed the acute mental health consultation? You have until Friday!

Watch our video where Dr Gareth Jarvis, Medical Director at CNWL NHS Foundation Trust, tells you why it's important for you to have your say about proposed changes to acute mental health services in Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea. Dr Jarvis also explain how we as an organisation believe changes need to be made.

Further details can be found here.

Respond to our questionnaire.