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  • New text book for teachers and trainers
  • Resources for teachers and learners
  • The LearningWheel


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New text book

My latest book is now available.

It's called Principles & Practices of Teaching & Training and it's ideal for anyone who is working towards a relevant qualification, or wants to know more about their job role.

I've included some text from my previous books (which I've updated) and I've added lots of new content.

You can see details and photos about the launch event here.

I wanted to have three 'Principles and Practices' books which cover the teaching, assessment and quality assurance subjects.

These should help anyone, no matter where they work, which awarding organisation offers the qualifications, or what the qualifications might be called in the future.

The new book should be suitable to anyone starting their career and/or working towards the Award, Certificate and/or Diploma in Education and Training.

I'm hoping the three books will become an ideal reference source to new and existing practitioners in the FE and skills sector. 


Resources for teachers and learners

I have created various resources to support teachers and learners.

Prices start at 50p for handouts and go up to £10 for PowerPoints.

I am in the process of updating them all and adding new ones to my website.

They are aimed at the following qualifications:

  • Award in Education and Training
  • Certificate in Education and Training
  • Assessment
  • Internal Quality Assurance
  • External Quality Assurance

All resources are electronic and can be downloaded upon checkout.


The LearningWheel

I was asked by Deborah Kellsey to create a LearningWheel for Education and Training. It's a free online visual resource which anyone can edit and add to. At the moment, it's building up well and has lots of links to useful digital resources for new teachers and trainers.

Please take a look here. You can click on the resource spokes around the wheel to access them, and join in and add your own if you wish.


And finally ...

As always, thank you for reading this update and I apologise again if you've received it more than once. Please feel free to forward it to your friends and colleagues.

Do check out my website for lots of useful information, videos and reading lists for teachers and learners.

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