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Here's our latest news:

Berinsfield Grant Scheme

We’re excited to announce that we have made some money available to help to support local groups that work in Berinsfield.  

This special fund is now available just for Berinsfield’s community groups and charities that work to help people living in the village.  If you know of any groups that help you or others, let them know they can find out more information about the grant and apply for support up until 1 June via

Berinsfield Garden Village masterplan 

Berinsfield was awarded garden village status in 2019 and since then we have been working with the parish council, local people living in the village, and other organisations towards a long-term plan for Berinsfield. We hope to help bring improvements to the village, like better community buildings, at the same time as new houses are being built by housing developers. 

We have a Local Plan, which sets out where new houses should be built around South Oxfordshire up until 2035.  The plan shows that Berinsfield could have around 1,700 new homes built in the village. Having these new homes built in the village means we can help to raise money for better community services for everyone. 

The map below shows the existing village with yellow and orange zones that we think should be used to build the 1,700 new homes and gives you an example of what the new layout may look like.

Green areas around the development area will be used as new open spaces and the green arrows are the green link paths that people will be able to use to get around the new development.  You can find more information on our plans and work in Berinsfield on our website

Elaine's Ditch

Our aim is to make a big difference to life in the village, but it’s not just big things that can make a difference. For example, we found out that part of Elaine’s Ditch needed some repairs and a bit of a clean-up. We arranged for a fence to be put up, some of the silt in the ditch cleared and repairs were made to some of the concrete wall.

Here’s a photograph of the new fence and concrete repairs below:
We have also been working with landowners of the ditch to help clear some more of the silt that has built up and we will let you know when all the work has been completed.

More updates to come

We should have lots of news to bring you later this year and will keep you up to date with the work that we’re doing in Berinsfield – like letting you know which community organisations in the village will be benefiting from the money we’re making available. 

If you’d like to learn a bit more about what we’re doing, please visit our website at

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Finally we couldn’t go without wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter!

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