July 2019

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Brexit Update - Business Support 

GOV.UK has an online tool to help businesses prepare for the UK leaving the EU. Businesses can use the Triage Tool to find out:   

·       What their business may need to do to prepare for the UK leaving the EU              
·       What’s changing in their sector  Business Support Helpline  

The Government’s Business Support Helpline is a national service for all businesses or aspiring business owners in England. Their impartial expert Advisers can answer business owners’ questions, whether they're starting up or already a small business based in England. The Helpline also provides complementary information to what is available on GOV.UK. In England you can contact the Business Support Helpline for free advice on 0300 456 3565, enquiries@businesssupporthelpline.org or via social media on webchatTwitterFacebook or YouTube.  

The British Business Bank is a Government-owned, independently run development bank that’s helped more than 74,000 growing businesses find the right finance option to help them reach their next ambition. The Finance Hub has been created to help businesses understand and discover the finance options that could enable them to grow. For further details please visit here.  

The Start-Up Loan Company is subsidiary of the British Business Bank and delivers the Government’s Start Up Loans programme, providing finance and support for businesses who struggle to access other forms of finance.  Start-Up Loans, a government-backed scheme, helps individuals start or grow a business in the UK. Alongside the low-interest loan, successful applicants can access free mentoring from experienced advisers.  For further details please visit https://www.startuploans.co.uk/  

EU Funding  

During the extension period, we remain a member of the European Union and as a result certain types of funding remain available. However, when we leave HMG has guaranteed that it will cover certain projects that would have been funded by the EU under the 2014-2020 programme period. This funding will cover programmes including Horizon 2020, Euratom Research & Training, ERDF and ESF grants. To guarantee Horizon 2020 funding you will need to register on the UKRI portal. For further details and information on how to register please see here.  

EU Settlement Scheme

All EU citizen you will need to secure their rights to continue to live, work and study in the UK through the government's EU Settlement Scheme after the UK leaves the EU. If your business employs a citizen from the EU they may need to take action to remain in the UK after its departure from the EU.

What is the EU Settlement Scheme?
On 31st October 2019, it is proposed that the United Kingdom will leave the European Union (EU).

Providing that a final Withdrawal Agreement is agreed between the EU and the UK Government, any EU citizens who want to stay in the UK after 31 December 2020 will need to apply to the UK Government for 'Settled Status'.

EU citizens who have lived in the UK for 5 years or more by 31 December 2020, you can apply for 'Settled Status' to continue to live and work in the UK.

EU citizens who have lived in the UK for less than 5 years by 31 December 2020, you can apply for temporary 'Pre-Settled Status' and apply for Settled Status as soon as they have lived in the UK for 5 years.

The UK Government has committed to make the application process as quick and user-friendly as possible.

For the latest information and to make an application for Settled Status please visit the Gov.uk website.

For support locally please look at Fenland District Councils Website for further information.
Calling Wisbech Businesses

The Council is working with Everyone health on The Community Cohesion Project. It is a social integration programme using physical activity to bring people of different ethnic groups together. This project is unique to the Fens considering its sizable percentage of migrant presence and the multicultural demographic profile. Similar projects that has been set up in different parts of the country have shown a correlation between active lifestyle and sense of belonging to the community.

There are currently more than 10 sport and physical activities being set up at different venues and times in Wisbech: Yoga, Badminton, Basketball, Table Tennis, Women's Fitness, Fitness Classes for Parents at the Orchards School and Karate. 

Active Fenland is also working in close partnership with Everyone Health in offering a well-rounded ‘Health at Workplaces’ programme. In addition to Active Fenland's offer, Everyone Health provides a wide range of integrated services such as Health Checks, Mental Health First Aid Training as well as many other lifestyle behaviour change programmes and is keen to work with local businesses to support healthy workplaces.

For more information, please contact :

Pearl Charalambos at pcharalambos@fenland.gov.uk

Kelly Gilders at kellygilders@everyonehealth.co.uk


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